Shakti Love Letter

in search of a new family

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Dear Shakti family,

As most of you know, I started Shakti in 2003 in a cottage on Angela Street. We moved four times before staking our present home on White Street, with space to expand and to finally incorporate the café and juice bar, Mayanjali. Every step has been my dream becoming more and more realized. Although it’s wonderful to find the right physical address, Shakti has always been a place we carried with us - I and all of you. No matter where we moved, we unrolled our mats, practiced, breathed, chanted and lay in the peace of savasana together. Shakti is a community, a family. It’s you as much as me. You’ve been there to support me, to bring the love and good energy into every set of walls, and to sweat on every floor, keeping it Shakti no matter where we went.

Since starting Shakti, I’ve earned my degree in Ayurveda. I’ve met my love, Jana, and been blessed to welcome and participate in growing two amazing daughters, Maya and Adele. They say the heart expands to accommodate more love, with no limit and no end, and this is absolutely true! My heart has room for everything Shakti has been and will be. My physical self, on the other hand, wants to extend into different directions, and free up more time for my other family, especially as my girls grow and become young women.

So, you see, it’s time to pass the candle that is Shakti, and those of you reading this already carry its light. What I would love most is for a member of the Shakti family to step up as its godparent, its next candle-bearer. Shakti is for sale to the right person, and maybe that is you. I’m open to different ways this might occur, so if you think you’re interested let’s have a conversation. For the rest of you, know that Shakti yoga will carry on with me until the right person can carry it onward. Meanwhile, get to practice - you know I’ll be expecting you. 

With love,  


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