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Shakti Yoga

Your island community. Your studio. For however long your stay.

One day, your down dog presses deeply into the mat, your breath calms, your heart opens ... you float in a sea of OMs, liberated, light, and in love with life. Another day, your tree pose feels more like a palm tree in the wind. You can’t touch your toes. Your OM feels like OW.

Wherever you are on your path, Shakti Yoga and our instructors are committed to supporting you on your journey of health and well being. We offer a diverse selection of classes for various levels of practitioners.

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Every facet a mirror.

Every mirror a reflection.

Every reflection a truth.



Classes & Private Sessions 

Shakti Yoga is committed to offering you sound, wise instruction in a context which honors the ancient traditions of Hatha Yoga. Our classes are nurturing, safe and noncompetitive, with an emphasis on lightness and laughter when appropriate.

Shakti Yoga's current class schedule focuses on Flow. Flow is an evolving form of traditional hatha yoga that focuses on integrating intention, breath and movement, awareness and alignment, strength and flexibility, and “your practice with daily life.” Instructors weave together teachings that can inspire physical, energetic, mental, and pure bliss states of consciousness.

"simplify, reset, and reconnect with yourself" 

Private yoga sessions infused with hands-on adjustments with a therapeutic approach. 


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Submit to a daily practice. Your loyalty to that is a ring at the door. Keep knocking, and eventually the joy inside will look out to see who is there.