Shakti Yoga Instructors
 All of our instructors are certified yoga teachers, committed to offering a comprehensive practice as consciously as possible.


Sofia Artola
Sofia Artola began her journey in 2000, and has since dedicated her time to explore, learn and share her experiences of the practice. She opened Shakti Yoga Studio in 2005, with a vision to offer a peaceful, happy and relaxed space for all to come and practice. Sofia has studied with world renowned teachers, in ashrams both in the US and abroad,  traveled to Nepal and India to explore the true essence of yoga and on to Thailand, where she studied Thai yoga massage. She has recently graduated from Sai Ayurvedic College and Wellness Center with an Associate degree on Vedic studies. She is currently pursuing her practice as an Ayurvedic consultant and practitioner. See Akshara Ayurveda for more information. For Sofia, the joys of teaching have been in witnessing the progression of someone in their practice, to see and experience the change in their attitude towards life, changes in their body, & the connection that she has with every single person that comes to the studio. For Sofia’s students, the laughter found in her classes is equal to the challenge of the practice. Both are resounding, clear, and complete.


Tara McCabe
Tara began exploring yoga in 2001 as she was beginning a journey into motherhood. Practicing pranayama, asana, and meditation proved to be helpful in creating a joyful experience through this life’s transformation. She began teaching pre-natal and kids yoga in 2007 and joined the Shakti family in 2008. Tara teaches moderate flow, flow, and kids yoga. She is also devoted to monthly kirtans at Shakti. She has completed two 200 hour trainings. The first under the guidance of Yogi Hari in Sampoorna Yoga and her second training with Ruslan Kleytman in the Yogic arts System specializing in Krama Vinyasa. In 2009, Tara brought together her two passions of yoga and her love for the ocean and founded Key West Paddle Board Yoga, known as Lazy Dog PaddleYoga today. She leads full moon meditations and conducts 20 hour ACE accredited PaddleYoga Certification trainings monthly.  All of Tara’s classes begin with chanting and pranayama, and are followed by a playful flow sequence. Tara encourages her yogis to practice with humor, non judgement and compassion. 


Marlene Koenig
The Buddha said, The mind is a restless monkey. Marlene's path through life has been an endeavor to still and calm that monkey, through her creative, spiritual and yoga practices. She grew up in a house full of artists and so the gift of making art has been part of her life for as long as she can remember. As an undergraduate, she studied philosophy, focusing primarily on the teachings of the Buddha and Hindu traditions.  On repeated travels to India and Nepal over the years, visiting numerous Ashrams, monasteries and yoga retreats, her understanding of these traditions has deepened and this has allowed her art work to be infused with their richness. While living in New York City as a young adult, Marlene began her investigation into the world of yoga. Here she was able to sample a variety of different schools of yoga from Iyengar to Jiva Munkti to Ashtanga, with countless gifted instructors. In 2004, Marlene moved to San Francisco and there came under the instruction of Barbra Weichman, a talented senior Iyengar teacher, who's 50 year+ practice and wisdom brought Marlene's own practice to a new depth. Upon returning to Key West, Marlene has been lucky enough to be welcomed into the Shakti Yoga family. She completed her 200 hour Krama vinyasa teacher training with Ruslan Kleytman in 2011.  She now sees her practice as fully informed by her life as an artist and student of eastern philosophy and spirituality. She brings this creativity and spirituality along with a wide variety of information from all schools of yoga to each and every one of her classes. 


Kalyani Jen
Kalyani Jen was introduced to yoga in 2000. She never imagined that taking that class would set her on a path to becoming a life long student/teacher of yoga. What began as a physical practice quickly blossomed into so much more. She began her teaching journey with YogaFit and then chose to dive deeper into yoga by completing her RYT 200 with the American Healing Arts Center. Her studies introduced her to many styles of yoga and alternative healing modalities. That is where her belief in creating wellness through yoga began. Her passion is sharing the joy of yoga with every body regardless of shape, size, level of fitness or mobility. She empowers each student to discover their own healing power in a challenging but playful and fun manner. She brings a safe, loving and compassionate environment to every class. In November 2010 she traveled to Rishikesh, India to continue her studies and later completed her RYT 500. Her time in India further emphasized her heart centered practice. Come join her to begin your own healing journey.