Second Installment of Akhila Training Workshops with Ruslan Kleytman: Personal Practice Enrichment and Professional Credential Opportunities

Miami-based yoga master Ruslan Kleytman visits Shakti Yoga on Friday, August 19 through Sunday, August 21 to offer a series of workshops that allow participants the opportunity to enrich their health while improving their personal practice and, if desired, gain the confidence, knowledge, and tools to become an effective teacher with a Yoga Alliance accredited CEUS and a 300 Teacher Training Certification.


The three-day workshop weekend is the second in a monthly series of ten total workshop installments that offer a combination of lecture and practice components based on the Akhila Yoga system, a fully holistic approach to yoga and internationally-recognized teacher training program (200-hour & 500-hour) responsible for hundreds of certified students around the globe.


In the “Awaken – Yoga Meditation and Panch Bhuta Puja Simplified” workshop on Friday evening from 6pm-9pm, Kleytman will present meditation theory and practice techniques while covering topics that include reasons for and objects of meditation, affirmations, chants, prayers, and the devotional ceremony of Pancha Bhuta Puja.


Saturday morning’s “Happy Hips & Shoulders” 10:30am-1:30pm workshop will offer opportunities to experience a full range of motion in the hips, knees, shoulders, and elbows through a systematic, 6-directional, gradual exploration of principal warm-ups and postures for these areas.


The Saturday afternoon 3pm-6pm workshop will feature “Evolution of Philosophical Thought of India,” where students will learn the history of Indian philosophy in a comparative analysis and synthesis of the major schools of yoga, showing their philosophical differences and unifying principals.


Sunday morning’s “5 Steps to Safe & Joyful Backbends” 10:30am-1:30pm workshop offers participants a new way to experience these challenging asanas through gradual warm-ups, the use of counter-stretching poses, and precise alignment to create greater ease, freedom, and openness.

Akhila Yoga Lab,” the 3pm-6pm afternoon workshop on Sunday, offers simple and effective yoga sequences, principals of organization, and methods of adaptation based on student’s goals and needs.


Participants are welcome to attend all or any combination of the workshops; each session is $50 with a $25 discount for attending all five workshops. Students who successfully complete all ten sessions and pass the theory and teaching tests will receive their 300 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) credential; Some make-up sessions will be available. Cost for the total training is $2,500, with monthly payment options.


Please bring a mala (prayer beads, 108 beads) and a notebook to the sessions you plan to attend.  For a full list of training dates and other information, visit or call Sofia at 305.587.4285.