krama vinyasa yoga workshop with ruslan kleytman

May 22 - 7pm - Transformational Breathing (3h) 1h lecture + 2h practice
Transformational Breath is a unique therapeutic modality. This form of Breathwork facilitates the natural healing process for all types of trauma. It is beneficial in gaining greater physical, mental and spiritual health

May 23 - 10am -
Vira (Hero) Flow - A Vigorous Practice Inspired by Martial Arts and Yoga (2.5h)
Drawn from the spirit of martial arts, this dynamic class uses an intelligent sequence that includes classic yoga asanas as well as martial arts stances, warrior salutations, kicking and punching drills, mind science practices, pranayama and meditation.

May 23 - 
2pm - Warrior Stance Salutations (2.5h)
Warrior Stance Salutations, strong intelligent Vinyasa Flow, cobra rolls warm-up movements, dynamic therapeutic drills for lower body strength, core floor workout. Attention to precise alignment, core integration through breathe-awareness.

May 24 - 10am - Rhythm & Flow (2.5h)
In this class, we practice a specifically choreographed routine designed to uplift the spirit, tone the muscles, stimulate our vital organs and encourage the body to release accumulated toxins. The practice includes detoxifying breathing exercises, Dancing Warrior warm up set, multi dimensional splits, and a 10 step Camel (ushtrasana) back bending set for dessert.

May 24 - 2pm - Shiva Nata • Dance of Shiva (1h lecture, 1.5h practice)
A mind-body movement practice that is good for your body and brain. The perfect cure for stuck patterns. Shiva Nata engages every cell of your brain, harnessing this amazing ability of our brains to create new neural connections and pathways. It is a physical practice that also gives your brain a workout - much like doing a puzzle with your body

Transformational Breathing workshop is $45

All other workshops are $35 each or $125 for all workshops excluding the Transformational Breathing.

Please call Shakti Yoga to reserve your space.