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Article about Shakti Yoga

As the popularity of a yoga practice is growing all over the world, it’s still amazing how a great deal of people just simply talk about it and have never experience the endless benefits from it. So, Sarah from Kenwood Travel and I decided to write an article on their websites blog, to inspire vacationers to invite a yoga class into their travels.
Perhaps they will find that to be one of the highlights of their vacation. Read more about Kenwood Travel below, or their website:

Shakti Yoga Key West
Florida is famous for its all year round sunshine, its theme parks and its phenomenal choice of food. The giant sized portions mean that many holidaymakers return to the UK carrying more than just extra weight in their suitcases. No-one wants to diet or hit the gym whilst on holiday but Florida has an alternative fitness option available that is guaranteed to tone your body, leave you feeling relaxed and best of all, is great fun. Enter: Shakti Yoga.

A decade ago yoga was a domain reserved for the likes of impeccably flexible Indian yogis and new age hippies. Today, it is a fitness trend enjoyed by the masses. Not only does yoga help you lose weight, tone up and relieve aches and pains – it has a calming and revitalising effect that can do wonders for anyone suffering from stress or anxiety. This week Florida Holidays have been speaking to the highly skilled instructors at Shakti Yoga; a friendly and talented group of people who are committed to helping you achieve physical and mental well-being.

A moment’s peace when you’re not at the beach
Shakti Yoga Key West opened in 2003 after its founder, Sofia Artola, decided she wanted to share her knowledge of the practice with the community and enable others to experience the peace of mind she had enjoyed since discovering yoga in the mid 90′s. Yoga is the ideal activity to counter-balance your holiday over-indulgences, relieve back pain after the long flight or simply to enhance the relaxation factor on your trip. It is also an opportunity to learn a new skill that you can take back with you to the UK, as Sofia tolds us: “It’s great to experience new things while on holiday, while your mind is receptive. Take the time to reconnect with body, mind and spirit”.

 Open to everyone
Yoga can be enjoyed by absolutely anyone; even if you are as flexible as a slab of concrete you can still take part and reap both the physical and mental benefits. Most yoga instructors will tell you that they couldn’t touch their toes when they first started and there are a myriad of poses and stretches to suit every ability. Beginners are welcomed with open arms at Shakti Yoga: “Expect an environment that is friendly and peaceful, precise instructions and adjustments suitable for every level. Our classes are nurturing, safe and non-competitive, with an emphasis on lightness and laughter when appropriate”.

Shakti Yoga Key West offers a range of classes offering different benefits. The therapeutic “Gentle” classes teach basic poses, with an emphasis on mindfulness and soothing tension, the “Restorative” sessions aim to stimulate and relax the body using yoga props and breathing techniques while the “Flow” classes consist of a sequence of asanas (postures) that deepen your yoga experience and develop flexibility and body awareness.

Incredible benefits
Yoga’s popularity in the UK has soared in the last decade, figures suggest over 500,000 Brits practice yoga on a regular basis. If you attend classes at home why not continue the practice on holiday? Or if you have never done yoga before it’s the perfect opportunity to start! The positive effects are bounteous, as Sofia explains: “The potential health benefits of yoga are numerous and may include stress reduction, increased fitness, management of chronic health conditions and weight loss”.

Then there are the therapeutic benefits to consider: “Yoga can be used successfully with conditions such as insomnia, back problems, digestion problems, asthma, improving circulation, anxiety and weight loss — just to name a few. There are many different styles of yoga, and it never needs to be boring. It can be slow and gentle, it can challenge your strength, it can be aerobic or vigorous or it can be very introspective”. And the best news: It will only cost you around $15 a session to experience the ultimate rejuvenating holiday activity.

So what are you waiting for? Pack some loose fitting clothing in your suitcase and head to the Shakti Yoga studio on 1114 White Street. Reconnect with your mind, body and spirit – you could be doing a headstand in no time!

For more information about Shakti Yoga Key West, visit and for a holiday in Florida visit the Florida Holidays website:

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