Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy with Daniela Menardi

“WHAT’S HAPPENING NOW?” In a Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy class students are facilitated through a process of self-awareness and deeper presence to their moment-to-moment experience. Each class explores a different theme and invites a dual process of combining physical, longer-held postures with psychological self-reflection. The slow pace of the experience allows students to open all doors to awareness of physical sensations, as well as emotions, thoughts, memories, insights and a deeper access to hearing the guidance within. Class opens with a Centering meditation, transitions to posture practice, followed by a period of sitting meditation, and concludes with a process of Integration of the experience. No yoga or meditation experience is necessary.


Daniela has been practicing various styles of yoga off and on since her college days in Italy. It was through her study of psychology and her work as a mental health counselor that she began to seek the integration of the practice and philosophy of yoga with her therapeutic approach to healing emotional issues. She has become a yoga teacher in Key West in 2008, and then found what she had been looking for: Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, a bodymind healing modality that blends traditional yoga postures with contemporary psychological dialogue and self-inquiry, based on the work of Carl Rogers. Rogers’ foundational principle is that each of us has an innate ability and the resources to heal, and that in an environment of non-judgmental acceptance, respect, and unconditional positive regard we can access those capacities, insights, and awarenesses that develop the inner path of our transformation and growth. Daniela deeply immersed herself in her personal journey with Phoenix Rising and obtained several certifications from the Vermont-based school. Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy facilitates individuals in their process of exploration of physical sensations and experiences, approaching the body as a teacher and a source of wisdom; it invites a mindful presence to everything that shows up on the mat - sensations, thoughts, feelings, memories - and it supports finding a connections between the experience on the mat and life off the mat.

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